Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Holiday Is Over - Back To Life (back to reality)

'Twas a dark and stormy night (the thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes) when the worn and weary prodigal blogger returned to his laptop and logged in. It had been an extended holiday weekend with no school or significant obligations to speak of, yet the rambling blogger was quite exhausted and had little to say other than the fact that his four day weekend should have consisted of five days instead of the aforementioned four.

Yes, I'm back after the Easter weekend. We had no school on Friday of last week or yesterday, so it was a nice break - even if it did fly by. As far as class goes, you may recall that I mentioned another certification in the last post. That test was on Wednesday, and I passed. Somehow the review questions used for class discussions were straight from the actual exam, so it ended up being a breeze. Of the 75 questions on the exam, I had seen all but about five of them in advance. You say it was unethical, I say it was grace (potato, potahto), because it was certainly unmerited favor considering the fact that I neglected studying on my own time. In the end I made 100% on the exam and was baffled by those (yes, multiple) who failed in spite of having discussed the questions and answers in advance. Twice. Given my previous work experience I understand that some simply don't test well, but still. The questions and multiple choice answers were verbatim.

Today's return to class brought with it the start of a new course, International Breads, and a new instructor. The instructor, whose name I can't recall, is also new to the school. New as in today was his first full day, but he has already shown a very different view than that of our previous instructor. While the previous instructor had no tolerance for gum in the bakeshop, the new instructor asked if anyone had any, because he wanted a piece. While the previous instructor assigned homework each night, the new instructor isn't a fan of it and stated that he doesn't like or desire to grade our papers. As a result homework will be minimal for the next three weeks, and this is very good news. The most exciting thing about the new instructor, however, is that he believes in 45 minute lunches! My lunch buddy and I were able to catch up over a leisurely meal at Bueno without inhaling. On a less than positive note, the instructor has already shown his 'extensive' vocabulary. I suppose I'll become immune to it at some point, but I'm still amazed at the number of adults who think the use of profanity in common conversation is perfectly acceptable. Yes, I understand that I complained about this topic in the last post, that you're tired of hearing about it and I should let it go, so I'm moving on (I'm moving on. At last I can see, life has been patiently waiting for me). I just needed to say it one more time. That's all. Really. Maybe. Okay, For now.

There was also more bong talk today. Actually bong talk was taken to an entirely new level due to the fact that it came complete with visuals. While we were killing time and using salt dough to practice shaping breads and roses, one student decided to mold an oversized bong instead. This doesn't offend me. To each his (or her) own. It's just that part of me finds it sad that people I interact with on a daily basis consider such a lifestyle living when they have so much potential (that a life of great potential is dismissed, inconsequential...).

On a more positive note, the repairman is coming to inspect my oven tomorrow! Had I told you that it died? I think so. I need sleep and can't remember what I've told you. I started a new class with a new instructor today after a four day weekend. Just kidding. Hopefully the oven will be repaired with little expense involved. If it has had the biscuit (that's Canadian for 'can't be repaired' according to a good friend), I saw a beautiful oven at a local restaurant supply store today. Granted the new oven isn't for home use, but I lusted for it just the same. I could be so much more efficient with a professional oven. And a baker's rack/speed rack. After a few moments of staring and daydreaming, I wiped the drool from my chin and walked over to the digital scales and then made a small purchase. Most of the recipes from class are measured in weight, so the new inexpensive scale will come in handy.

Baking projects of a personal nature for the week aren't huge, but I've been retained to work on set up and desserts for a local family reunion this weekend. It isn't an elaborate event, but I do need a working oven. Pray that tomorrow's repairman is amazing. The rest of the month is pretty slow except for an order that came in earlier tonight. The order is for a 50th anniversary cake to be delivered in a few weeks.

That's really it for now. The pace of class will pick up tomorrow, but for tonight that's it - not to mention the fact that the sound of rain is putting me to sleep.

So until tomorrow (the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar...), happy grubbing.

PS - In case you're wondering what happy grubbing is, it's simple. It's a great meal shared with those you love. For example: the incredible spread that I was fortunate enough to enjoy at Mawmoo's on Easter was happy grubbing. Smoked ribs and ham, baked beans, coleslaw, corn, fried okra, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, made from scratch hot rolls, butter and sweet tea. And dessert. As much as I enjoy and go on about Bueno, there is no happier grubbing than that done at a grandmother's table (grandma got ran over by a reindeer).


  1. Aunt Virginia ain't got nuthin on Mawmoo. =)

  2. I love reading your blogs, D...didn't realize until tonight that I can comment without an account. Woohoo! Good luck with the oven and floors...

  3. Jenn: Amen.

    Susan: Thank you!