Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shots in the Dark

As stated in the previous post, construction is under way at The Frosted Bowl. You'll find a few shots of the progress below. (You could also find them on FB if I could figure out what I'm doing over there.)

First the before shots. These were taken back in early November when I first signed the lease. The shots are somewhat dark, because there was no electricity in the space. Due to some other events going on, we were unable to begin construction immediately after signing.

The door in the above shot leads to the kitchen area.
To make this space work for us, we're adding a wall in front of it to create a dry storage room.
The blue carpet and gray slat walls are going away.

The door in the shot above leads to a small hallway which leads to the restroom.
The 'dressing room' in the corner is going away.

A before shot of the kitchen. Obviously it needs work. The kitchen and wood shelving is leaving.

The door in the shot above leads into the small hallway.

Another before shot of the kitchen. This view shows the non-working ventahood.
The hood will be staying due to the complexity and cost of it's removal.

Now some progress shots:
The beginning of the dry storage room build out.

The wall after it's first mudding and tape.
Notice the hand sink which will be behind the front counter.

A shot of a half textured wall in the lobby area & another shot taken without the lights on.
We paid the bill, but with a front wall of windows, lights aren't always needed.

The lobby as it looked this morning (messy).

The flooring arrived this afternoon!

Finally, a shot from this evening - after hours of sanding walls.

If things go as planned, tomorrow will involve very little sanding and much painting. How's that for short and sweet?

Happy Grubbing.

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