Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And so it begins...

On Friday I left corporate America - another casualty of what HR people refer to as a reduction in force.  I didn't get fired. I was basically replaced by someone who will work for less money in another state. While I've known about it for months and actually understand and agree with the business decision, it didn't make relinquishing my badge after ten years, five months and 16 days any easier.

As I left behind the comfort and shelter of the parking garage and headed out into the winter storm, I couldn't help but wonder if the weather was some sort of omen.  Visibility was low. With the heavy snow hitting the windshield, it was difficult to see very far down the road.  Where was I headed anyway?  Would I make it or would I end up in a ditch and be forced to sit and watch as others drove by and got on with their lives?  Would I stay on course but end up spinning my wheels without really getting anywhere?  What if I got moving and then lost control?  Would I end up injured or broken, a pile of scrap, leftovers, a has been? What if I did make it home only to find the house dark and cold with no electricity?  These were the thoughts that filled my head on Friday. It was indeed an ugly day.

But enough with the melodrama. In the end I made it home, the house was warm and bright and, in spite of everything, the sun (and my outlook) rose on Saturday.

Once I shielded my eyes from the glare, I couldn't help but admire the splendor of God's handiwork. The world was covered in pure white snow.  It was calm and peaceful, a picture perfect blank canvas...

Which brings me to the rest of my life. It may not end up picture perfect, but it is a blank canvas for me to fill.   For starters I've enrolled in a pastry arts program at a local trade school.  Since I no longer have a captive audience of associates to send rambling daily emails to, I've also started this blog.

The plan is to chronicle the journey from baking mediocrity to wherever it is that I'm headed and share some tips and ideas along the way.  I won't always be this wordy (pinky swear), and I won't have perfect grammar or spelling. Be patient. Like each of us, the blog is a work in progress (and I'm typing on a phone).  

Later this week:  The first class, the first test and my first semi-right cake balls.

Until then happy grubbing. 

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