Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheap Candy Bars & Free Cake

Okay. So the last post was technically for Wednesday - even though it shows Thursday. This is the real Thursday blog - even though it will say Friday by the time it's uploaded. It's a long story, and I've vowed to keep it short tonight, so just know that someday soon I'll be a real blogger and move from thumbing it on an iPhone to actually typing on a MacBook (Yes, I've been converted). Maybe then I'll figure this all out.  Please don't think I'm slamming the phone though. It is still the most amazing little piece of heaven on earth.

Today school felt like school.  I took two pages of notes, wrote a paper, had homework and studied for a quiz tomorrow. The subject matter of flour and sugar may sound dry (no pun intended), but it's actually quite intriguing. Who knew that I should have been using a different flour for cakes all these years?

Today's session made me want to take my first post-RIF paycheck and split it between the folks at the Whole Foods Market and The Stock Pot for ingredients and supplies. There is a whole new world (shining, shimmering, splendid) of baking that I'm seeing for the first time, and we're only in the second week!

We actually studied flours, sugars, fats and eggs today. All of it was interesting, but I must admit that it made me feel both inferior and excited - inferior because I'm starting to question what I've called baking up to this point and excited because I'll soon be trying new things.

A highlight of today was tasting four cakes that the class ahead of us made. The cakes were attractive to look at on the table, but they became even more appealing when they were cut, and the various layers were visible. The cakes were French recipes, so they weren't overly sweet. As a result I only sort of liked one. Two were okay, and one made me want to race to the nearest garbage can (but I refrained for the sake of appearances). While the instructor expounded on the French and their opinions of excessive sugar and the food of American's, she bashed the beloved Twinkie. Call me trashy and low class, but I would have taken a Twinkie over any of the cakes sampled today.   They were pretty - just not my thing (this coming from a guy who seldom strays from vanilla, chocolate or sherbet at Braum's).

Another memorable moment of the day was when the new guy who just joined our group yesterday produced and offered us our choice of approximately five different candy bars for 50 cents each. When we asked where the candy came from, he told us "from my pocket. They're cheaper than the vending machine."  Apparently he makes extra cash by carrying candy and secretly stealing customers from the vending machine owners. On Fridays he wears a trench coat and offers a special - your choice of a Slim Jim or King Sized M&Ms and a Rolex for $10. I applaud his initiative and found the whole thing entertaining.

Tomorrow's quiz materials include some of the early pastry chefs, the ones with the weird names that most of us have never heard of. Unfortunately I don't feel very prepared for it and am a little worried.  We will see what happens.

It's practically the weekend.  Do you have plans for grub yet?  If not I know where you can get a cheap candy bar.

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  1. i have a special fork dipping set for when i make truffles and cake balls. my mom ordered it for me but you might keep your eye out afor them at specialty stores. i love them.